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“In the past, services companies were focused on achieving top-line growth through customer acquisition. Although growth is still very much a business priority, the focus on how this is achieved has evolved. To grow the business and remain competitive, companies are focusing on building stronger, more profitable customer relationships. This means understanding customer needs intimately, and efficiently delivering and supporting solutions that create and capture the most value. Today, customers have more choices than ever. But what they want in their relationships with their service providers is simplicity, convenience and value. Roxcell has envisioned a strategy for our customers' success. Roxcell is the B2B leading industry expert and trusted advisor that enables and accelerates the journey to integrated image transfer technology and the delivery of an intentional customer experience. Through the unique combination of comprehensive services, a portfolio of integrated, modular products, and unrivaled delivery skills and expertise, Roxcell transforms graphics companies into customer centric businesses and dynamic service providers. The benefits are increased customer loyalty, higher revenue, lower costs, and greater resulting shareholder value. Our broad portfolio of integrated products spans the entire image transfer lifecycle, seamlessly linking key business processes targeting customers: requirement identification, finding most suitable solution, delivery fulfillment and customer support. Our portfolio of industry leading products includes: various heat transfer presses, vinyl cutters, pad printers, badge presses, and wide range of consumables including vinyl, transfer papers, inks and full support for sublimation image transfer technology. We support our customers with a wide range of services, including consulting services, implementation and integration services, learning services, software support services, managed services and outsourcing. Our services are designed to provide each customer with the necessary strategy, guidance and execution required to achieve integrated image transfer solution and deliver the intentional customer experience. At Roxcell, we are committed to incorporating quality into every aspect of our work - ranging from software development and internal business processes, to the way we work with customers - and we invest considerable resources in company-wide quality programs to ensure this. Over the last years, Roxcell has built a global customer base of industry leaders by developing lasting relationships and delivering real business results. Backed by deep industry experience and an unsurpassed track record of success, Roxcell continues to help enterprises all over the world plan and execute their business strategies with confidence.

Here at Roxcell, we value your feedback. That's why we've dedicated this page to member testimonials. If you have an opinion about Roxcell, we welcome you to contact us with your feedback. From time to time, we'll add comments here for other customers to read. 

“We are very happy with the amazing service offered at Roxcell. We did our signs outsource until we decided to contact Roxcell. Roxcell was both professional and helpful in assisting us with our needs. The machine arrived within 2 days of ordering, and the software was easy to install and a breeze to use. We now can make our own quality signs, which is 7 times cheaper and more flexible than ever. Thanks you Roxcell!”  Bianca Gillick 11/10/07 

“Very professional! I ordered a business package through Roxcell to start printing sublimation gifting in my company, and expand the business. Roxcell provided me with exceptional service, and after sale assistance which helped me immensely. All products are surprisingly cheap and continue to be very reliable for me. I will highly recommend Roxcell to anyone who is in the sublimation business. I will continue to purchase my blank products through Roxcell, and thank you for all your help throughout the year.”  Barry Helmant 02/12/07 

"Thank you again for a wonderful service that is so quick and reliable. It is rare these days to find companies that provide such excellent customer service, as well as products. Roxcell got back to me the same day I inquired, and I was able to purchase my package, and have it in my company by the next working day! All blanks purchased are quality, sublimation is very clear and cost is extremely cheap. I will continue purchasing all sublimation products with your company.”  Andrew Day 26/08/07 
“Great service! I received a response for my questions straight away. I received the products very quickly and they were very carefully packed. The products are great! I've just placed another order for more goods and am sure I will never need to look elsewhere when in need of supplies.” John Warner 20/01/2008. 
"If you are looking for a service that is fast, professional and of great quality and cost then I have no hesitation in recommending the services of Roxcell. As the Co-ordination Manager of a large company I am thrown unexpected requests my way on a regular basis. When those requests fall into the category of sublimation, plaques, prizes for corporate events and those last minute printing requests, I know that my deadlines will be met with high quality when I contact Roxcell.There has never been an order too small, too large or too unusual. Therefore I am happy to keep using and highly recommend Roxcell. Well done for being one of the most customer centric companies I know." Hannah Marsdon 28/11/07 
“I am very surprised and impressed by how fast, convenient and incredibly friendly your company is. We’re so glad we found you! Customer service was amazing, products are top condition, and shipping was surprisingly cheap. Thank you so much for being so professional and helpful! I look forward to meeting you in the future.” 
Fu Lee Wang 01/06/2007 
“We've been buying from you for a few years now and we have always been impressed with your solid and reliable service. All products have worked wonders for our company over the past few years, which has helped us expand and better our company, bringing in more profit" Nigel McKenna 16/02/2007 

"Roxcell has always provided us with an outstanding, prompt, friendly service. It is always a pleasure to do business with a company that understands your needs and can provide quick turnarounds. I would recommend Roxcell for any job, large or small. We have been dealing with Roxcell for 2 years now and have never had one problem with the company. All products have arrived in timely, perfect condition" 
Ron Hibbits 26/03/08. 
"Great Technical support and very helpful!" John Green 24/01/2006