Frequently Asked Questions

Blanks and Consumables

1. What is transfer paper for?

2. Is transfer paper available in a larger size?

3. Why is heat tape needed?

4. What do I do when the ink runs out in my bulk system cartridge?

5. What if I don't need too much replacement ink?

6. How soon can I get my consumables?

7. How do I keep heat transfers or vinyls from sticking?

8. How do I print on drinks bottles?

9. Do I need to cut individual jigsaw puzzle pieces after printing?

10. What material are the spoons that go with the mugs?

11. How do I print a plate since it isn't a completely flat object?

12. What material are your t-shirts?

13. Why can't I buy a single t-shirt?

14. What is the difference between stubby holders?

15. Is the base included with stubby holder purchase?

16. How is the stubby cooler base attached?

17. Is black heat tape sold with stubby holders?

Vinyl and Textyl Vinyl

1. What is textile vinyl used for?

2. How is it similar to regular vinyl?

3. What is more suitable for vehicle wrapping?

4. Is photo printing an option with flex vinyl?

5. Can textile flex be overlaid?

6. What can I do with textile vinyl apart from apparel?

7. What are textile vinyl?s merits in sign making?

8. How durable is textile vinyl?

9. What size do you carry?

10. What are the uses for vinyl?

11. How is vinyl cut into shape?

12. How does heat transfer vinyl work?

13. Can heat transfer vinyl be applied to natural fibres like cotton?

14. If the design exceeds roll width, how do I continue?

Heat Press

1. What are the sizes for heat presses?

2. Is the HeatMaster press fully automatic?

3. How sturdy are the HeatMaster presses?

4. Would the product stick the heat plate?

5. Can I come in for a demonstration?

6. How can I make sure the press is applying even pressure and transferring properly?

7. What products can I do with these flat presses?

8. Can I press fragile items?

9. Do I have to buy the pad separately?

10. What is the freight cost for presses?

11. What does the multiform press allow me to do?

12. How much effort does it take to adjust the multiform for different products?

13. Why is the multiform press recommended?

14. Is the mug press adjustable?

15. What if the mugs are slightly odd and inconsistent in build?

16. How many runs is the mug press good for?

17. What is the warranty on the heat element for the mug press?

18. Is the cap press adjustable?

19. Can the cap press do helmets?

20. What is the guarantee with heating elements for the presses?

21. What else do I require with a heat press?

22. How is the HIX press different from HeatMaster?

Vinyl Cutter

1. What sizes are the vinyl cutters?

2. What exactly is a cutter plotter?

3. What can I use cutter plotters for?

4. Does one need extensive training for working with cutter plotters?

5. What is the brand of cutters?

6. How do these brands compare with Roland?

7. Why are they priced lower than Rolands? Does it mean they are inferior?

8. Can I cut different thickness of vinyl with the same cutter?

9. Is the cutter accurate?

10. Can I get a stand for the smaller desktop cutters?

11. What is the warranty on these cutting machines?

12. Do the plotters have to be connected to a computer?

13. How much is the shipping charge for cutter?

14. Do you offer after sales support for your products?


1. What are your printer sizes?

2. Your printers look like regular inkjet printers. How are they different?

3. Does the change to sublimation printer require? Can I modify my pre-existing printer?

4. What is the sublimation ink system?

5. Can the Bulk system be bought separately?

6. What are those specified models?

7. Am I better off with an A3 or A4 printer?

8. Does the limited range of models limit printing possibilities?

9. Do I have to replace all the cartridges when I run out?

10. What added features does the C1410 offer?

11. Can I finance these printers?

Startup Package

1. I am interested in a package that allows me to do everything. Do you have one?

2. I run a small business and would like something affordable to go into all lines. Do you have anything?

3. How easy or tough is it to become operational with these startup packs?

4. How long does it take to become operational?

5. How do I justify the cost of the package?

6. Can I have a larger press or printer with the Complete Sub Pack?

7. How durable is the 6in1 press compared to the flat bed presses?

8. Which additional lines can I go into?

9. What is the benefit for my business?

10. Does the printer in these packages come with inks or do those have to be bought separately?

11. Can I save on the cost of the bonus pack and get something else?

12. Are the bonus packs necessary?

13. What’s the difference between the Combo Press Package and the Complete Sublimation Pack with Combo?

14. What’s the difference between the Image Transfer Solution and the image Transfer Magic – Print All Pack?

15. What would be the right package for overall high scale, industrial grade production?

16. Would I have after-sales support from you guys?

17. How do I take up the finance option?

18. How soon do you deliver?

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